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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Dead End

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After a couple key events, which included an enthusiastic meeting with the school's nutritionist ending with a new contact added to my opportunities list, and a phone call with that same person, who is the head of Wake County Public School System's Child Nutrition department, I have gained knowledge - like how WCPSS is currently spending $200,000 per year in local fresh food for the schools and etc - but have had my path blurred. To think about it, $200,000, for the largest school system in the state, does not go far at all. We, as normal Americans, spend more than $1000 per year sustaining one person with produce and the like, so technically, WCPSS is barely holding up 200 students. My whole school's population is more than 10 times that number that. But on the bright side, "WCPSS is working very hard to grow that integration".

What we need to do as humans who advocate change for the good in current lagging regions is to emulate and to seek advice and lessons from the journeys that others have taken to get their regions to become adherents to the trend of change. Unfortunately, people's natural tendency is to revert to familiar and comfortable grounds. North Carolina, WAKE UP!

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