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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Starting is the HARDEST part

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Entering into Enloe High School to me was like opening the doors to freedom. Especially the freedom of catalyzing my passion into something... different... something... amazing.

As my first post explicitly stated, I am a hypochondriac. A health freak, or nut, indeed. But to my surprise, I found that my idiosyncrasy is not typical, instead it is exceptional. Do people know how perfunctory routines could be beneficial to your health or permanently deteriorating? Of course they do.... do they not? Who doesn't? But if everyone knows about the affects of present food consumerism (my confusion is not just confined to the situation on food; FYI), why do they keep up the buying of gallons of soda, disgustingly processed food, deep fried donuts, and et cetera? Why has everyone not yet boarded the train of organics, greens, natural colors, etc? I'm very confused. But I am going to figure this out.


It was September of 2013 when I first started my journey. I've gone through a lifetime of preparation and finally found what I was destined to do. A "Health Reform" was what I was after. But how?

From asking teacher to teacher, I finally made my way to the Assistant Principal who manages my high school's cafeteria. I approached him during lunch in the courtyard, a school hotspot for meals and class changes. I showed my passion and explained my ideas to him in a brief conversation. I wanted to learn more about the school's food system, because, eventually, I wanted to integrate more fresh produce into the system. Many schools and districts around the country have already integrated this model to bring food from local farms directly to the plates of the students in schools. North Carolina is always one of the slow runners in integration, sigh. The meeting ended with the cliche "Oh, you're one of those kids. Well, okay, we'll see what you have in mind. Make a power point about your ideas and present it to me. Then we will see if we could present it to the Wake County Board, but don't get too worked up about this because change in the system requires higher federal approval which takes time to happen. But aside from all that... I'm excited!".

My father told me this one quote that will use for the rest of my life. "9 out of 10 people will say NO... but once you find that 1 person, you'll be golden." I started off with 1/9.

 A couple paths opened up for me in result of that conversation with the Assistant Principal. One was to do the presentation. And one, the one I took, was a referral to the school's nutritionist.

What's next? Let's get this snowball rolling.

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