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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Be Healthy Tulare

Be Healthy Tulare

It was 12/29/13 and today was a day in which light was shone on the foggy road that I thought became my dead end in this passion.

I remember this day very clearly. I was in the dining room working on Science Olympiad and my father had left to run an errand. Suddenly, I received a call from him telling me and my mother to turn on the radio to NPR. It was a segment about Be Healthy Tulare, a much needed organization that is based in Tulare County, California that focuses on reducing hunger, food waste, gleaning, health awareness, and much more under the gleaming umbrella of goodness. I was extremely amused and inspired and immediately started daydreaming about what I could do in result to my newly found inspiration.

Thus, the snowball keeps turning down the hill thanks to an NPR segment. Thank you NPR.

I contacted Dr. Sarah Ramirez, one of the main people behind the organization, shortly after, wanting to know more about what they do and how they do it. During a phone call, the dedicated Dr. Ramirez showed her incessant and perpetual passion through informing me about her background and how she started and what she has given to supporting this should-be household concept. She has given her and her family's all to sustaining this organization, which is her passion. I respect her and her work and admire her drive. This would be a start to the many passionate people I would meet in the future.

Aside from her organization, she informed me to look into other similar organizations around the nation like City Harvest in NYC, DC Central Kitchen, Village Harvest in San Jose, CA, Food Forward in LA, and more. This tells me that there are many people who have trekked down a similar path before and there are many who are beginning that long, tedious, but satisfying climb.

"We must find our allies" is a quote from Dr. Sarah Ramirez that I will never forget.

Without Be Healthy Tulare and the NPR segment based on the organization, I would have never continued my journey which got me to this place. Thank you, once again.

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