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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Enloe Food Ark: State Fair Garden Contest for Hunger!

School + life + The Food Ark = love + movement + progress + busy-ness

With that equation, I must make a conspicuous observation... I haven't posted in ages! But we must remember that "No Posts =/= No Progress". Check out The Food Ark's Facebook Page to see what we have been up to! www.facebook.com/thefoodark

Hard work does pay off. Right now, we have surpassed the 100 student mark in our club, which has only been active for less than 2 months. With a growing body and a growing voice, we will surely be able to move forward.

Here is a video from UNC-TV of one of our "Outreach Events" this year. We entered into the State Fair Garden Contest! Spoiler alert: We got 3rd place!

Less than 5 months in the making... and already a TV sponsor! I can't believe it. Correction: I can. Let's keep moving.

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